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Drummond has been posting on social media that he was in Davos, Switzerland promoting his new business Medpal AI.

We have already seen that MEDIPRO.AI INC was registered in the US at an address at which Drummond’s lease was already terminated when the registration was filed.

We have now seen that a company connected to Drummond called TOKENOMICS LIMITED has been renamed to MEDPAL AI LIMITED.

Given that all of Jason Drummond’s companies on Companies House are due to be imminently struck off, possibly for tax evasion purposes (in light of Drummond’s history with tax avoidance schemes), it makes sense that he would prefer his brother to be the public face of the company on its register.

Medpal AI’s website boasts “democratizing access to healthcare” and “empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being, irrespective of location or socioeconomic status”.

On further research through Google, one is taken to the website of Pretesh Patel, a newly qualified doctor whose Linked In boasts his credentials as gaining 22kg of lean muscle and overcoming nihilism.

According to Patel, his co-founders include an unknown neurosurgeon from Imperial College London and a serial entrepreneur (Drummond) with a track record of founding more than 10 tech companies. He has obviously omitted the part where he explains what happened to those tech companies and why Drummond is no longer involved in any of them.

Drummond is now back on the road attempting to raise more money from unsuspecting investors.

How many more victims need to lose money before this all comes to an end?

And how can a man who was previously sanctioned by the Gambling Commission really be trusted to run a business handling confidential medical records and personal health care data?

The Bottom Line

Investors should consider whether it is appropriate to to invest in a company whose co-founders alongisde scandalous “entrepreneur” Jason Drummond – deemed unfit to hold a gaming license – are an inexperienced young doctor with a self-reported history of mental disorders, and a secret neurosurgeon who may or may not exist (or who clearly wishes to remain anonymous).

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    1. For your information, slander is the verbal form of defamation. Libel is the written form. In any event, there is no defamation here. We are reporting the facts and we are providing evidence. We are trying to protect people. Whether you agree or not, the facts don’t lie. Drummond is a danger to the public and to investors, and these people have a right to know. If we had known the information we know now prior to investing in Drummond, we would never have become involved. These are the facts.