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We are a group of former investors, former suppliers, and former staff, who have banded together after losing money to Jason Drummond.

Our website and blog exists to report on Jason Drummond for his misconduct.

If you are unfortunate enough to be approached by Jason Drummond, we strongly suggest you do not engage with him and do not invest in him.

Drummond’s story about wealth and success is not real. Every business Jason has ever been involved with has either failed or been taken over by someone else.

Drummond may boast about FairFX and various other projects but you can reach out to the executives of those companies and they will tell you what he’s really like: unreliable, careless, deceptive, manipulative, lazy, and negligent.

Drummond uses the investments in his companies to support his own luxury lifestyle consisting of expensive holidays in Monaco, St Tropez, Courchevel, and various other luxury hotspots, as well as luxury cars and expensive (rented) luxury apartments.

Drummond uses his image of wealth to lure in more unsuspecting victims who will then invest in one of his ideas. He cannot be trusted.

Drummond is extremely deceitful. He uses charm and charisma to put people at ease. He is exceptionally talented at appearing to be legitimate. Many people are easily fooled by him. He always seems to know what to say. He often makes investors believe it’s too late to invest and then offers them an exception so that he can take their money.

Drummond has a history of putting companies into administration and then re-acquiring any valuable assets through the administrators via a shell company.

Whether Drummond is simply delusional or he is intentionally deceptive, it is clear that he is not suitable to run a business.

Hundreds of victims have been left with empty pockets and frustration. The police have failed to arrest him despite irrefutable evidence of fraud and misfeasance. Drummond knows this and uses it to his advantage by telling the police “you investigated me and couldn’t find any evidence, so I must be innocent!”, whilst painting himself as the true victim.

Over at least the last 20 years, Jason has been reported to the SEC, the FBI, the LSE, ActionFraud, and various other authorities who could have stopped him. They have all failed, and therefore we are here to protect investors and to protect the public.

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