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The website which was set up by the Drummond’s Downfall team at was hacked. An exploit in a WordPress plugin allowed the hackers to redirect the website to random ads, including adult websites.

It is clear that Jason Drummond and his associates will go to any length to hide the publications made here.


Why should the information on this website be hidden from the public?

Why doesn’t Drummond answer the many questions about GMGT and so many of his previous companies?

Why does Drummond continue to reach out to internet service providers, authorities, and others, with false allegations, if not in an attempt to hide the truth?


Whilst Drummond and/or his associates continue to hire hackers, burden web hosts and domain registrars, and do virtually everything within their power to hide these publications, you can rest assured that we are here to stay, and for any website that goes down, another will go up. The hackers are wasting their time.

Here to stay

You have a right to know the truth behind Jason Drummond and his shady ventures and associates, and we will continue to deliver these truths on this website or the next one.

We are here to protect others from further damages.

Drummond’s Downfall is here to stay.

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  1. Who is Julian?
    Anyway, you imply Drummond hires people to do his dirty work. If thst is the case why can’t he just get off his arse and do his own dirty work?
    Is it because he is a fat lazy incompetent fucker?

  2. Julian, are you not afraid if Jason can hire someone to hack your slanderous websites he can also hire someone to smash your little prick face in?