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It is with great pleasure in this first full week of February 2024 that we get to announce Jason Drummond’s Wikipedia page of over 10 years has been deleted by Wikipedia admins.

The page, which was central to Drummond’s “credibility”, and the leading force behind his Google search results, was said to have been in violation of multiple Wikipedia core policies. A deletion discussion had the page in review for a full week to open discussions on why it should stay, but nobody gave a compelling enough reason to support the page’s existence. In fact, nobody gave any reason at all in favour of the page, with every response by other editors in favour of the page’s deletion.

Commissioned by Drummond himself in 2013, the Wikipedia page was a myriad of improperly sourced and often completely fabricated claims of Drummond’s past “successes”, reminiscant of a page commenter’s suggestion it was merely “a PR puff piece”. That distinction was clearly supported by the Wikipedia admins, who cited the article as being in breach of Wikipedia’s autobiography and neutrality guidelines, with a strong and obvious conflict of interest, closely resembling a resume, and as having a complete overrliance of primary sources such as share details and company registration pages.

Drummond hasn’t had a formal press article in decades. His last notable article citing any kind of success was over 23 years ago by the Guardian, and his most recent press exposure was extremely negative, citing that Drummond was facing charges in a private prosecution.

Only a few weeks ago we posted about Drummond’s Wikipedia page in our post “Silence the Whistleblowers“, in which we showed that the Wikipedia page was largely edited by Jason Drummond himself, including Drummond posting his own vanity photo.

Despite the authorities taking ZERO action on possible fraud and clear misconduct in Gametech, at least someone out there is trying to make sure that Drummond cannot cause any further losses and damages to unsuspecting victims.

Once again we urge investors NOT to invest in Jason Drummond. His past behavior shows without question that he cannot be trusted to run a business.

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